This is a NEW class for Summer of 2016 ! Im SO thrilled to bring you this fun class ! and trust me you can do this ! 

the entire class is about Sterling silver, slider beads, leather, wire wrapping.. its so so fun ! and you can do it all with a Micro torch ! no big torch is required for this AMAZING CLASS !! .. 

I will take you step by step from what size Sterling silver will work with a Micro torch, to melting temps!.. To forming beautiful beads and custom jewelry ! You will make the bracelet in this picture from start to finish.. 

The Picture of this project doesn't do it justice, its AMAZING! 

This class will NOT be included in any SALES until After Sept 25th 2016 ..  so if you wan to wait for a sale this one won't be  included until then.. 

Im teaching this  in Sept in Denver, so it cannot been in the sales until after that class.. 

214 Students