In this workshop you’ll create in layers using sterling silver and copper sheet with a touch of enameling! You will learn to make tiny little soldered minis - tiny crosses, arrows and dapped circles layered with sterling silver or copper!  I’ll teach you how to add soldered balls and how to add twisted wire and balls. We’ll also make layered bangle bracelets adding wire and beads. I’ll also show you how to make jewelry using all of your sterling scraps!

Click BUY WORKSHOP to view some of the class Pictures ! we are making more then what is shown ! 

All of the projects in this workshop can be made with a micro torch - there’s no need to have a larger hot torch (but, I will show you how it works when you do have acetylene heat!)

I’m often asked how much all of the supplies and tools cost. The answer is, that it depends on you! If you’re a beginner, you’ll obviously need the proper basic tools. But, if you’ve already done some soldering or silver smithing, you’ll likely only need more metals. And, how much to buy is always up to you. The projects are taught using sterling silver and copper but you can choose to practice and learn using copper or brass to save money. 

Videos for this workshop will begin being available on August 10th. The supply list has been posted so that you can begin to gather your supplies and be ready to create with me on the 10th.


Please note: you will be added to the workshop classroom within 24 hours of purchase. 

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