9209681?profile=RESIZE_480x480A Brand New class learning soldered Crowns ! who doesn't want to make a Beautiful Crown ! .. These crowns can be made in any Size  you will make 2 crowns ! .. we will be Soldering with a soldering iron in this New Workshop ! .. 

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Price - $75.00 

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  • Terri, on the lamp banding are you using the steel or brass? Also about how wide is your band? Thanks!!!
  • Hi Terri! I'm loving the class videos but I have a question on the supply list for the glass for crown one. It lists, only four sets and "dream" has 5 letters so that would required 5 sets. I also checked the Etsy seller listing and it's the same with only four. Which one of the sizes should have 2 sets to complete the word? Thx!
    • Oh DEAR ! Let me check.. so SORRY about that..
    • ok I fixed it !.. Here is what it should have read
      1/2 x 1 set

      1/2 x 1/2 1 set

      3/4 x 1 2 sets

      1/2 x ¾ 1 set

      anyone missing a set I can Have Barbara mail one out.. thanks for catching that !..
    • Thx so much!
  • I know what you mean...Seems like the days are just dragging by huh?
    • OPEN OPEN OPEN ! LOL.... its all loading
  • October 15 seems so far away! Looking forward to this class!
    • its all loading now !!
This reply was deleted.
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