Antique Shrine Meerschaum Relics

Brand NEW class for 2018.. 
class Opens February 15th 2018 for suppy list 
Videos Open February 28th.. 2018 
These are breath taking... taking us back in time with Gold or Silver liquid gold Shrine Relics.. so many things that touch our hearts of late European  history !.. going to Italy is pure eye candy, you cannot help but feel the depth of history and art.. 
We will make two different styles .
This Online class is truly breathtaking.. what we can make to look old.. 
We will work with velvets and silks  building AMAZING crosses and boxes , using plaster to make a Meerschaum ..
This way you can make copies and make your own.. They are very expencive to find and buy vintage ones.. 
 learning vintage techniques with plaster and rolled papers and Liquid Gold .. what tools to use and how to make these AMAZING shrines.. 
 all my online classes never expire ! open 24/7 
109 Students